Mao Bamboo


It belongs to glass family. Glass is so soft!!!

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world.
In its tropic and subtropic homes this iron member of the family of grasses is in ancient and modern tradition for an incredible amount of application in various aspects of housing.
Bamboo is the ecological solution of the age. While wood which is our traditional material for housing takes 50-150 years to grow bamboo can be harvested after 4-5 years.
Our bamboo flooring is a beautiful and durable choice for high traffic areas and lasts for many years.
Our products are made with all-natural, high-quality Mao bamboo processed with modern technology, but retaining the original advantages of bamboo--its water resistance, insect resistance, fire resistance, and its bright, clean, and beautiful appearance.

A house decorated or built with bamboo will greatly add to the beauty, comfort, happiness, and ecological sensibility of your home.

You may rest assured that bamboo products are the best choice for your home.

Mao (Moso) bamboo
Syn: Phyllostachys edulis
Freezing point-18-20 C
Need Sun: all day
Lenght: more than 2500mm