Producement - How made is bamboo floor?

Raw material: We use top-quality 4-6 years bamboo harvested from Huangshan local controlled bamboo plantation.
Getting rid of Knots: The knots, tabasheer and the green surface of the raw bamboo materials have to be removed in this procedure.
Boiling, bleaching/Carbonizing: Bamboo sticks must be boiling, bleaching, steaming, the colors can be changed in carbonizing procedure.
Drying and warehousing: Bamboo strips are dried to industry standards in kiln, carefully checked before processing and stored in a warehouse featuring controlled temperature and relative humidity.Standard moisture: 8%, 2% more or less
High-quality adhesives with the lowest formaldehyde emission: we use the high quality adhesives from Dynea Oy to meet the strict European E1 standard for indoor air quality, as well as to ensure the maximum adhesion.
Precision milling: The planks are always manufactured perfectly with a constant thickness and width.
Perfect tongue and groove fit: Tongue-and-Groove on all four edges. Our high manufacturing standards and our quality control processes assure an easy and worry free installation. Delivers tight, positive fit minimizing gaps and cracks.
Standard Tolerance: Thickness: +/-0.2mm, Width: +/-0.15mm, Length: +/-0.2mm
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